What an amazing night at ELEEF last night!!! The GreatHorse put on a great event. Everything down to the D.J. was absolutely amazing! Dr. Yanni once again donated $6,000 worth of Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment. The bidding was close, with Amy Greeley being the lucky winner with a final bid of $4,500.

Dr. Janice Yanni looks forward to this event every year. Giving back to the local schools is something Dr. Yanni takes great pride in.

If you or any of your family members are looking for Orthodontic Treatment please don’t hesitate, give our office a call and schedule now. We also have some great incentives if you sign up before March 1st. So what are you waiting for!!!! #smilesformiles #orthodontics #ELEEF #publicschools

ELEEF is the East Longmeadow Endowment Foundation for East Longmeadow Public Schools.

The Winners The Greeley’s are residents of East Longmeadow!