SMART Retainer Now Being Offered in West Springfield, MA and Tolland, CT Offices

In an effort to assist patients in improving orthodontic appliance and retainer usage, Yanni Orthodontics of West Springfield, MA and Tolland, CT is the only practice in the area to offer patients the new SMART Retainer by Scientific Compliance.

The SMART Retainer is a high tech device that monitors a child’s orthodontic compliance. A SMART Sensor is embedded in the acrylic and gathers data that is stored and uploaded via a proprietary reader. During routine visits, Dr. Yanni organizes the results and displays them on the computer for patients to see how many hours per day they are wearing the device.


“One of the issues we find is that some patients do not wear their removable appliances and retainers as often as they should,” says Dr. Janice Yanni of Yanni Orthodontics. “Wearing a removable appliance and retainer as prescribed is key to having successful orthodontic treatment. Our belief is that this new technology will provide more of an incentive for our patients to continue to wear their appliances and retainers as directed. Ultimately, this will help them achieve and maintain their beautiful smile.”

For more information on this latest technology and to schedule a free consultation please call Yanni Orthodontics, 413.739.4400. The SMART Retainer is affordable and available at the West Springfield, MA and Tolland, CT offices.To learn more about the SMART Retainer visit