Yanni Family Orthodontics has started a new series of contests!

We kicked off September with a back-to-school themed guessing contest. Fishbowls filled with candy - swedish fish, gummy sharks and gumballs to be exact - were placed in each office where patients were encouraged to submit their guess as to how many fish were in the fishbowl.

The winners in each office received ALL the candy in the fishbowl as well as a $10 gift card! Bella Mitreska was our Longmeadow winner with a guess of 419 (420 total). Our West Springfield winner, Makayla Catellier, guessed 451 (450 total). And finally, Joshua Harlow was our Tolland winner with a guess of 516 (522 total). Great guesses everyone!

Our October contest is also a guessing contest. Dr. Yanni found the three biggest pumpkins we’ve ever seen and placed one in each office. Stop by any of our offices to guess how much each pumpkin weighs for the chance to win a $10 gift card! You can even take home the pumpkin if you want!

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